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How To Secure Holiday Staff And Boost Productivity

Oct 24, 2022

Processing loads will be more challenging during the holidays this year because warehouse staff is moving around (and moving on) like never before. How can you combat the changes, hire and retain good staff, and encourage high productivity?

In our new guide, Protecting Your Bottom Line This Holiday Season - When the Supply Chain and the Holidays Collide at the Dock, we dive into the issues you are facing and lay out tactics to get you through, including:

  • How to improve retention by 20% +
  • How to increase worker pay by 35% without increasing your labor costs
  • Options in managing your warehouse
  • And much more!

The holidays are right around the corner. Unlock tips to get you through with strong, reliable warehouse teams. Download the guide to learn more!

Supply Chain & Holidays Collide

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